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About Us

Cardiologic Dispensary (state institution of the KomiRepublic) is a leading highly specialized institution, the Komi republic center for organization and methodology, as well as the platform for training and scientific research in comprehensive treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Key objectives:

  1. Specialized diagnostic and medical assistance, including emergency care with the use of air medical aircraft and overland transport to the KomiRepublic population by highly-skilled health workers; 
  2. Consulting,organization and methodological assistance to specialists of all health care institutions of the Komi Republic; 
  3. Introduction of high-tech treatment methods;
  4. Identificationofindicationsforsurgicalandendovascular treatments of cardiovascular diseases;
  5. Follow-up care for certain patient categories;
  6. Participation in development of measures to ensure implementation of target cardiological care development programs in the Komi Republic; 
  7. Introduction of cutting-edge practices in health care institutions of the Komi Republic;
  8. Participation in training, retraining and skill upgrade of health workers.

The institution provides routine and emergency care in cardiology, rheumatology, cardiovascular surgery, cardio-rheumatology for young patients, obstetrics and gynecology. New treatment methods and high-tech medical technology are primarily based on the availability of highly-skilled professional staff of the Cardiologic Dispensary. Cardiovascular surgeons perform reconstructive surgery which is available in top national clinics only. Scientific essays of our surgeons specializing in cardiovascular surgery are published in such magazines as Journal of Angiology and Vascular Surgeryand Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. High professional level of the healthcare staff allows using up-to-date medical achievements in practice, including:

  • Heart surgery without artificial circulation, thrombectomy of the pulmonary artery;
  • Concomitant therapy for multifocal aorto-sclerosis;
  • Balloon Angioplasty And Coronary artery stenting for patients suffering from coronary heart disease;
  • Thoracis endovascular aortic repair with stent-grafts;
  • Transcatheter closure of perimembranous ventricular septal defects among children;
  • Radiofrequency catheter ablation foratrial flutter, accessory pathways;
  • Introduction of newelectric cardiostimulator models;
  • Anti-cytokinetherapy for connectivet issue disease.

The institution is part of the Komi Scientific Health Care Center of the North-West branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. The Cardiologic Dispensary runs a coronary heart disease laboratory of the Komi Scientific Health Care Center.

Obstetrics and gynecology department embracing a specialized maternity hospital and a female counselling center strive to ensure optimal treatment continuity and safe prenatal care, childbirth and puerperal period. The Baby-Friendly status was awarded to the Maternity Hospital of the Cardiologic Dispensary by the WHO/UNICEF Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative in 2002.

Healthcare is provided by:  8 candidates of medical science and 55 doctors of higher qualification degree.

While your stay here you can visit the sights of the Komi Republic and Syktyvkar, such as the National Gallery of the Komi Republic, the National Museum of the Komi Republic, the Finno-Ugrik Ethnic and Cultural Park.

Our contact details:

Location:           1 Markova str.,167981 Syktyvkar
 E-mail:                                        kardio_rk@mail.ru
Tel./fax:                                        8(8212)21-57-09
Tel.:                                             8(8212)28-02-02
Website:                                         http://cardiork.ru/